HCG Diet and Weight Loss Success Stories

The HCG protocol is amazing and it works! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but day by day and week by week I followed the protocol and have lost 20 pounds to date (I have less than a week to go). This is a very different weight loss experience compared to my own (failed) attempts with past diets. The weight came off under my arms, my belly, my legs, all the places you want to see less fat and more tone. Along the way it has also tuned me in a key fact, I was simply eating way too many carbs, consuming too much sugar (which is in everything) and generally eating too much.

I didn’t realize it though. It wasn’t until I started this program that I really developed much more awareness about my food choices. It took effort and planning and a dose of discipline in certain situations, but it’s very doable and the satisfaction of losing this weight, leading up to the holidays, is just incredible! I feel so much better and I’m proud of what I accomplished these last 5 weeks. The Azani staff is fabulous – they are very supportive and non-judgmental. They help you going wherever you are in your weight loss journey.

I had looked at other medical spas in the area, but I left those consults feeling sort of uneasy. Not so with Azani, from the first moment I contacted them, they have been nothing less than top-notch professionals. Azani Medical Spa will always be my choice for any services I choose to pursue for my health and wellness.


“The system really works!!! The closer you follow the instructions the better the results. Coworkers joked that the fat was melting away. I have no will power, so if I got hungry I would have gorged, but I never did. The apple around 10am, lunch, apple around 3pm and dinner was enough for me. Water and tea throughout the day”

Weight  232 to 201 during a one 6 week cycle!

~Ed G.

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