Post HCG and Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Post HCG Diet Care

After completing the HCG Diet, most people are able to keep the weight off. However, the HCG hormone will not reduce a person beyond a healthy weight for their bodies, despite their efforts. Each person’s body has essential fats that are necessary for cushioning organs, maintaining brain function, and helping to keep hormones balanced. If a person loses more fat than their body deems to be safe, he or she may gain a pound or two back in the immediate days following treatment, while the body resets its metabolism. However, there are ways to help maintain the weight loss obtained on the HCG Diet.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

There can be actions that promote regaining the weight. While on the HCG Diet, people learn new eating habits, and the body is able to reset its metabolism. Most of the foods that are allowed to be eaten during the diet include fresh, low sugar fruits, green vegetables, lean meats, and sugar or fat free beverages. However, if people choose to regularly eat unhealthy foods, such as greasy, fried, sugary, or fatty foods, then they will regain the weight because of poor food choices. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight involve making permanent lifestyle changes and changing old habits.

Taking In Adequate Daily Calories

Another issue that people have run into after finishing the diet is attempting to eat the same low calorie diet they ate while on the diet. 500 calories per day is not enough for an adult to maintain health and obtain enough nourishment. While this is possible when a person is taking the HCG hormone, people are only able to stay healthy because they are getting nourishment from fat. With only 500 calories, the body goes into starvation mode and attempts to hold onto everything taken in as food. It also offsets the metabolism that the body worked to reset. Continuing to not eat enough calories can cause people to regain weight, and it can cause them to experience hair loss, loss of libido, and extreme muscle atrophy.

Regular Physical Activity

Living a sedentary lifestyle does not only make men and women regain weight, but it can elevate cholesterol, raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart disease and strokes, and lead to insulin resistance. Physical Activity can consist of taking a walk, going on a bike ride, doing yoga, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It is a great way to supplement the HCG Diet, and it can help to reduce stress, release endorphins, and improve the quality of life. One of the main objectives to weight loss is to improve health, and exercise is a vital component to health.

The HCG Diet is a great way to help men and women to achieve their weight loss goals, and it helps people that have tried and failed with other diets and methods to lose weight. Maintaining weight loss can be more easily done when people make healthy choices. After completing the diet, eating a healthy amount of calories, implementing an exercise program, and making healthy food choices can help assure men and women that they will permanently maintain their weight loss.